It’s time to revolutionize entrepreneurship

We need to reinvent ourselves; restructure our businesses or create a new one, and change our approach to technology. Photo by Sergio D. Spadavecchia –
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Are you sleeping? Or better, are you still in your deep slumber thinking that you are awake? This question does not come after watching inception. On the contrary, this revelation comes after waking up to the reality of a world in checkmate by an invisible yet deadly pandemic.

We need to reinvent ourselves; restructure our businesses or create a new one, and change our approach to technology.

If there is something that this pandemic taught me is that humanity has two main problems. First, that we are too entrenched in our ways, in our habits, and seem not to be able to find a way to get out and free ourselves. Second, that we don’t want to “learn” that there are new ways to live and adapt. The human race has become lazy, unadaptable to the variations that life brings.
Let me expand on these concepts.

Photo by Sergio D Spadavecchia - Creative Spades - 3 for Uptownsox

Photo by Sergio D. Spadavecchia -

All the various lockdowns that we had to endure should have taught us that we can work from home. Remote work is possible. We all have access to fast-enough internet connections; we all own devices and computers capable of handling our day-to-day tasks (obviously, if you work behind a terminal), so why do we need to be in an office?

I find inspiration in companies like Uptownsox. I’ve known them for quite a few years now, and no matter the difficulties, they hold on and work hard to bring their brand always a step further.

Jess and Tom (the owners of Uptownsox) spent countless hours meticulously working on designs, patterns and finding the best materials. They didn’t stop there. Their infinite creativity and enthusiasm can be seen in their photoshoots, in their branding, in their stories. I firmly believe that this is the engine that has been pushing their business since 2014.

This moment of worldwide crisis has not dampened their spirit. Jess and Tom continue to be active and work hard to continue to bring forward the sock revolution.

This is the moment to think about the next big thing.

With most of us spending more time at home, our lifestyle is forcing us to adapt and renovate. So don’t get caught in the neverending nap, making you numb to this historical moment.

Start a new project, think of something that might be your next big thing.

Extend your living space by transforming your garage into much more than storage space for your car, bikes and kids’ toys.

Create an art studio as an example. Some of us have responded to increased isolation by creating art to express ourselves. Whether you’ve taken up painting, crocheting or ceramics, you can create a private area that drives your creativity. You can even make a dark room if you’ve gotten into analog photography. Simply set up your supplies and decorate with your creations or other artwork that inspires you. Once you are ready, you only need a website and a cool name to start your company.

If you are a trainer, find a good spot, install your big screen TV, some equipment, get a tripod for your phone and start using your expertise to train others. With a simple website and paid subscription from your potential new clients, this could be your new business.

If you do not have access to a space that you can customize, there are many opportunities to do what you love; or maybe, learn a new skill online.

So get out of the bed, off that couch, and start brainstorming what will be your next big idea.

If you need some inspiration, check out these guys at

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