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Alyssa Rose Hunt. No career is easy in this day and age, nevertheless being an artist, dancer, photographer, actress, singer, or all the above for that matter. All creative thinkers have the toughest path in life; never supported by governments; in a constant struggle to make ends meet, and having to fight against the opinions of the public, whilst simultaneously having to deal with our very own hyper-criticizing emotions.

INSPADES Magazine and INSPADES.NEWS have always supported artists from all walks of life, and we know firsthand how distressing and demoralizing the creative world can be, no matter what your craft is.

While searching for our next artist, we stumbled upon Alyssa Rose Hunt, and that was love at first sight. She tricked us into believing that all is possible, effortlessly, simply by doing what you love. In her interview with our creative director Sergio Spadavecchia (Creative Spades), she revealed her life, with the truthfulness and untainted love for creativity and performing. With candour of who stops before nothing, simply tackling the problems and challenges that we all incur with incredible positivity and a smile, it all seems to come easy. 

Alyssa Rose Hunt 04 - Photographed by Anthony Gordon
Alyssa Rose Hunt 04 - Photographed by Anthony Gordon

We know that this is not true, that Alyssa, like all of us creative thinkers, has struggles and tribulations to go through; nonetheless what we felt was how she embarks on each of these projects with a spirit that inspires and motivates.

Alyssa Rose Hunt is an all-rounded artist born and raised north of Toronto in Vaughan, Ontario. At the early age of 3-years-old Alyssa began to learn instructional dance, bringing her talent and skills to compete just a few years later.

Alyssa Rose Hunt 02 - Photographed by Luigi Maone
Alyssa Rose Hunt 02 - Photographed by Luigi Maone

Alyssa’s creative soul started expanding at an early age; nurtured to the point that, at the young age of five, she knew that performing would be her future. 

At 11 years-old Alyssa starts sharpening her skills in acting school, while just a few years later she continues in the dance world by teaching and choreographing.

Alyssa’s beauty cannot go unnoticed, as her modelling portfolio can clearly show.

After her graduation in 2019, she focused her creativity for visual arts and passion for acting bringing her to be a painter, photographer, model, composer, singer, and actress that performed in multiple IMDb films and TV productions.

She cultivated singing, songwriting, and a recording career culminating in the release of online singles, throughout 2020. The following year resulted in the release of more singles leading up to her debut album ‘Amorist’. An album that featured the final song ‘Underground Love’ with an accompanying self-produced and directed music video.

The more we dive into Alyssa’s music, the more it captures our attention fueling our creative juices, and pushing us to achieve more.

We will be following her closely, as she climbs the ladder of success, wishing her to add more songs, movies, and art to her outstanding portfolio. Who knows, maybe she will be a future cover of INSPADES Magazine?

Underground Love (Video short) Girlfriend 2022

Rebound (Short) Nia 2021

Perfectly Unravelled (Short) Woman 3 2021

Sinful (Short) Kristen (Sloth)

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Alyssa Rose Hunt 03 - Photographed by @globolphotography
Alyssa Rose Hunt 03 - Photographed by @globolphotography

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