Will Artificial Intelligence be the death of Art?

AI and art. The new and eternal conflict. A battle that does not need to be a war.

A question that has always arisen when thinking of AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is what are the consequences? From an artist’s point of view, is AI killing Art?

These days this seems to be one of the aggrandized topics. I have no fear of saying “NO” and exposing myself to the critics, fearing this innovation. Let’s start from the beginning.

I’ve been in the vortex of information and news related to Art and AI. The news of lawsuits aimed to crush the websites that use AI generators for alleged copyright infringements made me smile. The lack of knowledge to understand the complexity of hands and feet made me laugh when added to memes that permeate the web. 

I’ve also seen incredible creations and artworks that have an extraordinary visual impact, capable of generating strong emotions. Yes, they were generated by AI.

Since the dawn of time, there have always been cultural phenomena that have divided all societies. This is the latest—not the last, nor the greatest—dividing the cultural minds into two split halves.

From a personal standpoint, I can see value in both sides—whether against AI or not—when it comes to the use of AI in the Art world.
The innate fear of humankind against change is nothing newsworthy. The antagonistic and reject feelings are usually the first to appear; whilst knowledge and experience come further down the road, where acceptance and openness await.

Something that we can all relate to, is the creation and commercialization of digital cameras vs analog. For those who used to have to develop the film, and have a limited amount of exposures in their cameras, taking a photo was a work of precision and composition. Triggering randomly was not considered a “professional photographer.”

The malcontent spread worldwide, and yet today, the old-school photographers perceive the value of a well-thought shot; but there is no denial in the power of the digital evolution compared to analog. My dad was a collector of old cameras. For a while, we had a darkroom in our home, and I had a passion for developing my creations. Because of my path, I do understand the appeal and point of view of who knows the analog world.

Today, we have come to an acceptance of the digital aspects, of the photography world, blended with the creativity of the artist, no matter how the artist reached the creation of his masterpiece and the feelings that it conveys to the viewer. 

If for a moment I can be a provocateur, and agitate a bit more in this conversation, I’d like to point out one fact. If there is no sensibility, knowledge, or understanding of colours, rhythm, light, etc. there is no AI that can help. There will only be a repetition of cheap copycats amplified and lost in the noise of the web; to be swiftly forgotten with the same speed as they’ve been created.

My advice to all true artists

Don’t feel daunted by a nemesis that does not exist. Focus your attention on your artistic growth; your path towards your next masterpiece, and bring your vision to its highest potential.

Artificial intelligence is just a medium; a way to create for those who know how to wield it and feel that it’s their path in life.

We use cars to travel; machines to produce more and better; turbines to fly faster and further…we don’t rely on horses for any of the above. So, don’t fight a lost battle, but embrace something new that can inspire and be of help.

All creation and creativity are still in human hands and spreads from our intellect and heart. We have the power to decide what to communicate. At the core of all our creations, there will always be the emotions that pushed us to create, the love for creativity itself, and the meticulous, maniacal, intrinsic love for the details no matter what instruments we use whether brushes, pencils, film, or cameras. 

Now, AI is another tool for us to create and expand our conscious creative souls; an ally and not an enemy to our spark of life that makes us who we are.

Be inspired by chiara magni's creations

Chiara Magni - Art Holding - Painter - Artist - INSPADES NEWS

Chiara Magni

is a world-renown Italian painter that lives in Switzerland. Her masterpieces are treasured worldwide by hundreds of collectors. Her use of colour and strong contrasts joined with the powerful visuals and emotions that every piece gives to the viewer, spawned a new pictorial style “Bright Expressionism.” Chiara is the Chief-Creative-Officer of ART HOLDING, a Switzerland-based company that brings together art, wellness, and real estate to empower the human-centric concept of a living space that has been fading away in our society.

The motto of ART HOLDING is “innovation with heart”; which envisions technology and art as a perfect combination to create functionality and beauty as a whole.

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