Fusion Canada Beyond Greta Thunberg's Vacuous Blah Blah
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Chris Duncan, whose 75-year-old mother Constance died from COVID-19 on her birthday, photographs a COVID Memorial Project installation of 20,000 American flags on the National Mall as the United States crosses the 200,000 lives lost in the COVID-19 pandemic Sept. 22, 2020 in Washington, DC. The flags are displayed on the grounds of the Washington Monument facing the White House. ©WIN MCNAMEE, GETTY IMAGES

Canadian Truck Warranty truck 2

Logistics: the fundamental engine of our economy

During these unprecedented times, it’s become crystal clear that the trucks on the road are not only essential, they are saving lives across the country. Sponsored content by Canadian Truck Warranty

Creative Spades - Sergio David Spadavecchia - Niagara Falls

Canada yours to rediscover

While many travel plans have been put on hold due to pandemic safety precautions, there remain plenty of captivating escapes and activities to enjoy in our own backyard of Canada.

Trump speach 2020-12-27 - COVID-19: NO SIGNATURE FOR THE RELIEF BILL

Covid-19: No signature for the relief bill

No jobs, no unemployment benefits and a rough 2021 ahead for millions of Americans.

Trump delayed signing the Covid relief bill, and now the deadline has passed. His claim is to give the American people a bigger one-off payment.