Alyssa Rose Hunt 01 - Photographed by Michael AuCoin

Everyone Loves Alyssa Rose Hunt

Alyssa Rose Hunt. No career is easy in this day and age, nevertheless being an artist, dancer, photographer, actress, singer, or all the above for that matter. All creative thinkers have the toughest path in life; never supported by governments; in a constant struggle to make ends meet, and having to fight against the opinions of the public, whilst simultaneously having to deal with our very own hyper-criticizing emotions.

COVID-19 Photo by RF studio from Pexels

Who is at fault for vaccine hesitancy?

Vaccine hesitancy is a product of the same people that, with lies and deceit, put us in the situation that we are today and that we’ve been for the past 2 years. Mainstream press, fake alarms, Fauci’s reluctancy to explain what was going on in Wuhan, big pharma blanket immunity, brought us to this insanity with the help of human stupidity at its best.