Covid Vaccination Photo by RFstudio from Pexels
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Covid Vaccination Photo by RFstudio from Pexels

why AstraZeneca vaccine received WHO backing even as South Africa paused rollout

South Africa has temporarily halted the vaccine’s rollout. This is because a preliminary study (yet to be released or reviewed by other scientists) suggests that the vaccine provides limited protection against mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 caused by the South African variant of the coronavirus. © from Pexels


Reddit-fueled Winners: convertible bonds

Among the winners from the recent retail-driven frenzy in U.S. stocks are investors in the niche market of convertible debt, capping a year of gains for the securities and potentially drawing new interest. By Kate Duguid and Matt Scuffham


Robinhood vs. Reddit

At least a dozen proposed class action lawsuits accuse Robinhood of breaching its contract with customers when it restricted trading on Thursday. By Tom Hals. •

Rome - ©Sergio David Spadavecchia - Creative Spades

Italy, not the time to lower the guard

Italy has registered almost 88,000 coronavirus-related deaths since the disease first came to light last February — the second highest toll in Europe after Britain and the sixth highest in the world. © Sergio David Spadavecchia /

The Storm on India’s Republic Day 2

The Storm on India’s Republic Day

Angry with agricultural reforms which they see as benefitting large private buyers at the expense of smaller growers, tens of thousands of farmers have been camped peacefully at sites on the outskirts of Delhi for more than two months. @EPA