Canada yours to rediscover

While many travel plans have been put on hold due to pandemic safety precautions, there remain plenty of captivating escapes and activities to enjoy in our own backyard of Canada.

Canadian getaways cater to every craving, from scenic road trips to outdoor adventures and sophisticated city breaks. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Take a walking tour of British Columbia’s capital, which occupies a charming corner of Vancouver Island, complete with calming harbour vistas and neighbouring natural attractions. Victoria flaunts sprawling gardens and Edwardian estates, balanced by a proud First Nations culture and a modern, bohemian arts scene. The city’s perpetually pleasant climate makes it an ideal spot for outdoor exploits by land or by sea.

A scenic spirit sweeps through the town of Banff, located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park. Picture stepping into a postcard from Canada. Evergreen forests cling to commanding mountains, with surrounding lakes dyed emerald by glaciers. Alpine meadows neighbour limestone canyons and mineral hot springs for natural beauty and adventure. Explore it all with self-guided or small group hiking tours.

Banff - Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels
Banff - Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels
Quebec City Photo by Victor Cayke from Pexels
Quebec City Photo by Victor Cayke from Pexels

Quebec City
One of North America’s first settlements, this city makes past and present collide—from its old fortified walls to the trendy haunts of downtown districts. Proudly French Canadian and festive from summer to winter, nature lovers, history buffs and lively locals can converge on the oldest streets of Canada. The quaint streets and laid-back culture make this city perfect for cycling

Creative Spades - Sergio David Spadavecchia - Niagara Falls
Creative Spades - Sergio David Spadavecchia - Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Nothing prepares you for Niagara Falls. From the Canadian side, witness gushing water pouring over a horseshoe-shaped crest to hit the river bottom below. You can venture through  the mist by boat or follow tunnels carved into bedrock to stand behind the falls. Once on dry land, explore the nearby village and its surrounding wineries and breweries.

Îles-de-la-Madeleine (or Magdalen Islands) is a set of serene islands floating in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Winter morphs the archipelago into a postcard-perfect picture of Canadian wildlife, hosting harp seals and their pups on snowy shores. Summer shines on the isles’ red, cliff-ringed beaches and windswept, pastoral landscapes. Enjoy a warm welcome year round, the Maelinots (locals) serenade you with traditional island tunes.

If you’re not so close to these destinations, the tourism industry has been developing appropriate health and safety protocols whether it’s a ski hill, flight or hotel stay you’re after.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway or a longer stay, Air Canada Vacations has many flight and hotel packages with inclusions that let you bundle and save.

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