The catastrophic consequences of Canada’s failing school system


School failing! Where is the news? While you might not believe the title of this article; maybe discard it as a “gotcha” kind of journalism. This is also

Canada's education system is failing, report says...Canada is headed for Third-World status because of a failing education system.

Is there any hope for your children's future?

The more we dive into this dreadful rabbit hole, the more the situation reaches levels of incomprehension and fear for the future.

Trolling the web we bump into the quote on Quora from Patrick Mccoy B.Sc. Ph.D. in Psychology, McMaster University, that points out the absurd grading system, that seems the most useless part of an engine that is destined to never run again.

Everyone or virtually everyone is passed and most get “As” or “Bs, whether they have learned the material or not. Because of that, employers cannot be guaranteed that graduates have even basic literacy skills. The result is that employers ask for degrees and advanced degrees for even basic jobs. As a consequence, more and more people put off getting married, having children, etc. Adult life is essentially delayed, which can be bad for the demographics of a country, as well as for citizens’ finances.

While the link is there for everyone to dive deeper into Patrick’s opinions, there is a true and undeniable truth, Canadians are becoming dumber.

As much as you can feel offended because of the statement, yet it is true. 

Have you ever looked at what is teached at the classes of Canadian schools?

Have you ever paid attention to your kid’s homework? Well obviously not. How could you? You are too busy with your lives; deadlines; online shopping, and God forbid you left your phone for a few minutes leaving your Instagram followers unattended.

The absurdity of all this is that the pillars of our community are completely failing under the infant-like screams of mentally ill people.

The education institution is the most important pillar of our society. Doctors, physicists, engineers, writers, journalists, lawyers, will all be subject to the absurdity of the woke and LGBTQ (I refuse to update their insane sequence of letters) deluded mental issues.

The misguided anger and ignorance that the masses are falling into are closer to an episode of “The Twilight Zone” or worst. 

There is no way to understand the end of this insanity because they don’t understand themselves (and by “they I mean they as the correct form of the word).

If you believe that this is an exaggeration, check these articles and let us know what you think?

Teachers who mention sexuality are ‘grooming’ kids, conservatives say

The spokeswoman for Florida’s Republican governor tweeted in early March that anyone who opposes a bill forbidding teachers from talking about gender identity or sexual orientation with students in early grades is “probably a groomer or at least you don’t denounce the grooming of 4-8 year old children.” A few days later, Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked on national television, “When did our public schools, any schools, become what are essentially grooming centers for gender identity radicals?”

Activist teacher promotes book on ‘ins and outs’ of ‘gay sex’ to make classroom inclusive

An activist teacher made a video showcasing a sample of the “LGBTQIA” literature she recommends teachers have in their classrooms in order to create an inclusive environment for queer students, and one of the books is This Book is Gay.

Trans teacher with huge fake boobs may force school to introduce new staff dress code

A transgender teacher who wears huge fake boobs and tight-fitted clothing to class could force the school to change their staff’s dress code following backlash. School teacher Kayla Lemieux sparked controversy for wearing her synthetic saggy boobs in front of shocked students. Furious parents at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario Canada complained after Kayla was pictured with her nipples protruding.

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