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INSPADES Magazine is an open window to the world. Whatever your art, whatever your craft—be it dance, photography, modelling, poetry, cinematography, extreme photo editing or something yet to be imagined—whatever you do, Do It #INSPADES. We feature the work of art and showcase at their best the most talented Creative Thinkers from all over the world. INSPADES NEWS is part of INSPADES Magazine, this is why it’s so important that you get on the pages of INSPADES Magazine. Your art, your talent, your passion and devotion to creativity should be celebrated and be a beacon to inspire others.

Photo by Sergio D Spadavecchia - Creative Spades - Alex Kopacz for Uptownsox

It’s time to revolutionize entrepreneurship

We need to reinvent ourselves; restructure our businesses or create a new one, and change our approach to technology. Photo by Sergio D. Spadavecchia –

Nikki - @521gemini - INSPADES 000

The world in between

Nikki, also known as @521gemini, may appear to be the master of spook, but in reality, is a perpertual ray of sunshine. She has as many devotions as she has talents, and you may not guess her artistic weapon of choice: an iPhone. @521gemini

Linda Kirstensen - INSPADES 000 - Zero

Linda Kirstensen – A Moment With The Cover Artist

“I have a few different styles to my photography and I love them all. They are all part of me and my personal expression, from the surreal and painterly storytelling, to the more conceptual and sometimes provocative images.”

“Hi dear, I’m back, I took a break to fix my life” —Legs and we are we ever glad she is back. Rebecca Weaver, known as @legsweaver - INSPADES Magazine ZERO

“Hi dear, I’m back, I took a break to fix my life” —Legs

Rebecca Weaver, known as @legsweaver, posted this message after her return Instagram in July 30, 2014. Whatever she did on her sabbatical, it was well worth it, as Weaver returned full force, ready to bear the fruits of her new future. @_legsweaver_