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7 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress and Anxiety - Photo by Kasuma from Pexels

7 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Floriana Urbisci specializes in weight loss, digestive disorders, emotional and mental health disorders. She is passionate and enjoys helping others to achieve and maintain their health goals.
She became interested in holistic health after overcoming her own personal health challenges with obesity and severe depression.

5 Foods Stalling Your Progress ©Pexels Luis Quintero

5 Foods Stalling Your Progress

There are no “good” or “bad” foods for fat loss, some will make your fat loss journey much more difficult.

Photo by Sergio D Spadavecchia - Creative Spades - Alex Kopacz for Uptownsox

It’s time to revolutionize entrepreneurship

We need to reinvent ourselves; restructure our businesses or create a new one, and change our approach to technology. Photo by Sergio D. Spadavecchia –

Canadian Truck Warranty truck 2

Logistics: the fundamental engine of our economy

During these unprecedented times, it’s become crystal clear that the trucks on the road are not only essential, they are saving lives across the country. Sponsored content by Canadian Truck Warranty

7 Tips to Boost Your Immunity

Your body has a self defence mechanism called the immune system that fights off any kind of illness. Immune system is nothing more than your superpowers that help protect you from invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. To protect your body from any illness, all parts of your immune system must work effectively. To help your immune system to perform as needed here are some tried and tested ways that can help boost your immunity.

pexels-karolina-grabowska-manage financial stress for better mental health 3

Manage financial stress

Financial stress may be worse than ever during the pandemic. ©Pexels Karolina Grabowska

Working Remotely 2

Working remotely? How to optimize your setup

Though social distancing has been in place for months now, perfecting our work-from-home setup continues to be a challenge for many of us. Here are a few surprising ways that you can streamline your routine using your mobile phone from anywhere:

Creative Spades - Sergio David Spadavecchia - Niagara Falls

Canada yours to rediscover

While many travel plans have been put on hold due to pandemic safety precautions, there remain plenty of captivating escapes and activities to enjoy in our own backyard of Canada.