Pointing Fingers at Modern Impressionism

“I like to be really in touch with the oil paint, and I adore feeling it under my fingers–I can control it bett er, and I feel a part of the whole painting, as though not only a piece of my soul is left on the canvas but of my DNA as well.” — Chiara Magni

Chiara Magni an Italian impressionist artist who has dedicated her life to art; creating a unique and distinguishable style of painting, which has been exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world. Her works explore the beauty of the human form, often incorporating elements of nature and abstract shapes to create stunning pieces.

Chiara uses a variety of media such as oil paint, ink, and watercolor to bring her visions to life, creating unforgettable pieces that capture the eye and move the heart.

Chiara’s passion for the arts began early on in her life. Before she was even able to write, Chiara was already expressing herself through oil painting. Her work has been described as beautiful, captivating and completely unique—a true expression of her innermost thoughts and feelings.

From landscapes to abstracts, Chiara’s artistry is truly remarkable and has left a lasting impression on all who have contemplated her work.

Having completed art school Italy, Chiara felt she was in need of something more, something that you do not learn in school, something intrinsic, that comes from your gut and shows your personality in full. So, Chiara spent years searching inside herself for the best painting technique to express her inner soul.

Chiara tried pencils, watercolours, soft pastels, acrylics, stucco, resin and glitters, and spent a long period of her life doing abstract pieces that have sold quite well. While she was able to determine that oil paint was definitely her favourite medium, that discovery still had not delivered her full answer.

The problem was, Chiara never liked using brushes and, while she fully respects and admires the painters that can master the brush, she felt as if the results were too classic and academic, and it didn’t allow her to express herself and her artistic eccentricities adequately. Also, while she does enjoy using a spatula and has used them a fair bit on her abstracts, it was still not the right tool for her, leaving her with a troublesome question–what was left?

Deciding to focus on what was making her happy and more at ease, Chiara returned to her inner child, the first artist, the one who liked to get her hands dirty and began finger painting with oil on canvas. Having found her artistic niche, she has never looked back.

Her bright and textured, one-of-a-kind finger paintings have sold all over Italy, Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America, New Zealand and Israel, and she hopes to work her way into the art markets of Asia and Russia as well.

Chiara unique craftsmanship is getting droves of attention and awards, including her recent Artist of the Year award from the Maison d’Art in the city of Padova, Italy. Her art is also making waves with the everyday person, people who never dared to attempt painting for fear of inexperience, are gladding donning a pair of gloves and releasing the artist within. 

Unlike the stigma many have with picking up a brush, with finger painting, there are no rules; you need not have a goal in mind, you can paint freely and see where it takes you. 

Finger painting has become a popular pastime for people of all ages, especially those who are intimidated by traditional forms of art. Unlike other forms of painting which require a lot of planning and expertise, finger painting is perfect for those who are just starting out with art. It is a fun activity that allows you to explore your creativity without having to worry about rules or expectations. This makes it much easier to relax and just enjoy the process!

Chiara Magni and the team at INSPADES invites you to grab a canvas, some oil paints and encourage your inner child to come out and play–you never know where it will lead you.

Chiara Magni - Art Holding - Painter - Artist - INSPADES NEWS

Chiara Magni

is a world-renown Italian painter that lives in Switzerland. Her masterpieces are treasured worldwide by hundreds of collectors. Her use of colour and strong contrasts joined with the powerful visuals and emotions that every piece gives to the viewer, spawned a new pictorial style “Bright Expressionism.” Chiara is the Chief-Creative-Officer of ART HOLDING, a Switzerland-based company that brings together art, wellness, and real estate to empower the human-centric concept of a living space that has been fading away in our society.

The motto of ART HOLDING is “innovation with heart”; which envisions technology and art as a perfect combination to create functionality and beauty as a whole.

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