The news world needs a new voice, the voice of a community of journalists that are willing to make the difference with research, analysis, and clear news for all to understand, follow, share, and above all trust!

INSPADES’ vision is to share authoritative platforms that build strong communities. INSPADES Magazine is the first magazine that shared thousands of artist’s stories, revolutionizing the magazine world.

The true revolution is that INSPADES talks about artists and creative thinkers like VIPs, giving them the attention and exposure that is due. The articles regarding their art, their passion, and their stories are carefully crafted and tailored to their particular vision.

Now we are expanding INSPADES Magazine in a new venture INSPADES.NEWS with the same passion and dedication. We want to create a news outlet that can carry the gravitas, respectability, and morality that real journalism deserves; with outstanding reporters, authentic articles, and opinionated reviews.

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Create the team of journalists that can guarantee high standards of articles, trends, news, that are necessary to feed the platform.
A cohesive team that is capable of handling world news with facts, strong opinions, and reliability. Willing to support communities with respect and giving echo to who does not have a voice.


The best journalists, that demonstrate knowledge, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills will be offered to become Editors in Chief of sections of INSPADES.NEWS.

Territories will be divided to form an effective hierarchy, and the Editors in Chief of each sector/territory will benefit from the revenue of each section.

Example of hierarchy:
  • INSPADES.NEWS (worldwide news)
  • CANADA.INSPADES.NEWS (Country-related news)
  • ONTARIO.INSPADES.NEWS (Province-related news)
  • TORONTO.INSPADES.NEWS (City-related news)

We believe that we can do more.

We are willing to do more.

We will do it in spades!