The Difference Between Men and Women

Everything I know about the difference between men and women I learned from country songs. © Pexels Brett Sayles 2

Everything I know about the difference between men and women I learned from country songs

You’ve heard it before: men are from mars and women are from venus. How do I know you’ve heard it before? Because there’s a popular book with that title. Confession: I have not read that book. I’d also like to confess that I am in no way qualified to tell you what the differences are between men and women. I’m telling you this because the title of this article may have given you the impression that I’m some sort of psychologist or human behaviour specialist. I’m not. 

That said, I am human, and I have had interactions with other humans so that sort of makes me an expert. Also, I love music, which plays an important part in the human experience. I love ALL music. Oh wait! That’s not completely true either. I do not love all music. I can honestly say that I barely like heavy metal but, in my defence, that’s not really music. It’s a one-way ticket to a headache. 

Other kinds of music, the ones that aren’t heavy metal, are poetry through emotion. They give us a medium for crying out the fragments of our broken hearts with rhythm. Music (except for the heavy metal kind) is the life blood of humanity. It’s how we share. It’s how we bond. It’s even how we annoy our neighbours. 

Music is also versatile. You can listen to it alone or with others. You can play it in your car or at home. It’s great as a backdrop when you’re reading. It makes cleaning your house more fun. And paired with candles, it can even trigger the conception of your next child. In this way, music is a connector between men and women.

And then there’s country music (which I also love). But have you ever noticed that there’s a gap the size of a large pothole between country music by men and country music by women? If you haven’t fallen down that hole, once I point it out to you, you will never be able to climb out of it and un-notice it again. Are you ready? Here we go.

Country music by men is all about drinking good whiskey, playing guitar, I’ll make you my wife, we’ll sit on the porch, and I love your biscuits. (Although I’m not sure if that last one is about biscuits or about BISCUITS.) 

Meanwhile, country music by women is like oops! My husband cheated on me, so I killed him.

See what I mean?

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I’m Mona Andrei and welcome to my personal blog. I started this site in February 2010 as an outlet for the incessant ramblings of the Hamster. Some people sleep. I think. And THINK. It’s annoying.

Although this blog is listed as a “top 100 Humor Blog”, I also write reflective pieces.

I wrote my first book, SUPERWOMAN: A Funny and Reflective Look at Single Motherhood, to remind other single mothers that they are not alone, which is how I felt much of the time when I was a young, single mother. Not that I’m “old” *cough* but my kids are adults now so they get to do their own damn laundry.

The other reason why I wrote #Superwoman is because I believe that the saddest thing in the world is forgotten potential. This is what happens when we’re surviving and not living. The difference between these two modes of existing can be found in your sense of purpose. Or a bottle of wine

3 Responses

  1. Hahahahaha! And yes.
    You are SO right with this article, Mona. All of the above!
    We have no filter to music. For good or bad, it goes through to the soul. It can make you happy or sad or give you the aforementioned headache (totally with you there!)
    Yep. Music has power. And those who MAKE the music have power.
    So, depending on who I’m listening to, I’m happily enjoying my guitar, my food and my marriage…or I’m plotting a murder.
    It’s all good.

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