Doctor Lincoln Indian-based pop-rock band

Neurodivergent artist Lincoln emerged in India’s underground music scene with the alternate/Avante-Garde band Once Chosen in 2008.

The music industry is full of example after example of epic stories about artists in their rise to fame.

The beauty of the creative world today is that each one of us can find a spot in the sun; a niche of followers that appreciate and support the artist’s vision.
Not that long ago, conquering the scene and distributing the message to wider audiences was a much tougher task.

Kochi singer-songwriter Lincoln Joseph aka Doctor Lincoln has been creating since was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome; quit his practice to seek music production full-time.

In 2016 released his six-track debut EP Wallflower, with “Don’t Let Go.” Joseph wrote the lyrics in 2012 after going through a breakup. He says, “The lyrics aren’t about the breakup though. It is about stepping up and asking for help in a situation where I was mentally depressed.” Now, “Don’t Let Go” gets a second life with Joseph releasing an updated version of the song, which is set to be on his upcoming 10-track album Will See You Now.

The “doctor-turned-musician” created an awareness campaign in 2021 for the inclusion of individuals with autism in India’s music industry.

Gaining popularity around the world ever since the release of his first track “Don’t Let Go” from his upcoming album “Will See You Now” released in January 2022.

This track has been featured across various international radio stations, Spotify playlists, and received widespread international attention from the music industry.

While many can argue that the over-saturated music scene is one of the toughest businesses to embark, on the other hand there is the need to create and to bring melodies together for the lingering dreams of who cannot live without some good music.
Doctor Lincoln has the sound and voice that bring together that melodically intention of old and new.  His lyrics about overcoming hard times, seems to be a reflection of his life, and a little bit all of our lives.



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