Top 7 Tips for Killer Fitness Results Before 2022

Number 5 is my personal favourite

There are only 3 months left until the start of 2022. It’s kind of crazy to think we’re already here. Maybe you’ve been on point with your fitness journey, maybe you’ve fallen off the wagon a number of times since the pandemic started, or maybe you’re just looking to get a head start before January 1st (which I strongly recommend).

Regardless of where you are at in your journey, here are my top 7 killer tips to feel your best and crush your fitness goals.

1) Set a Reverse Alarm

30-60 minutes before bedtime, have an alarm go off on your phone that signifies it’s time to shut down the electronics. This will help avoid sleep disruptions and bring your melatonin levels where they need to be for quality sleep.

2) Have an Anchor

It’s not fun bringing your work with you everywhere you go. Having an anchor helps shift your subconscious mind into being present where you are, and not thinking about work. It could be a song or certain action that you do to tell yourself that work time is over and you have other things to do.

3) Throw Out Any Snacks That Lead to Poor Eating Habits

Pretty straightforward. I’m all for flexible dieting but if your food choices are surrounded by less healthy options that are keeping you from being aligned with your goals, it’s best to toss em.

4) Say No to Social Events for Personal Care

You don’t have to feel bad if you would rather stay home or hit the gym instead of going out to dinner with friends. If you feel like constantly going out is not helping you with your health and fitness goals, it’s time to reevaluate how often and who you are going out with.

5) Pay Yourself

This is a phrase I learned from an older friend of mine who is wise beyond his years. He would tell me to make sure I ‘paid myself’ by getting up a little earlier so I have time each morning. Less rushing around, more time to enjoy the process and be present. For you, this could mean crushing a workout before a crazy day at work.

6) No Caffeine after 4pm

Just because you can fall asleep with caffeine in your system does not mean you have had quality sleep. Keep your caffeine intake in check and try not to have it from the late afternoon onwards. Sleep is crucial for every single function of our body.

7) Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Can’t cook dinner? Pick a healthy fast option. Overate last night? Just get right back on track for the next meal. Missed the gym yesterday? Make it up as soon as you can. Don’t pound yourself into the ground because a few things didn’t go your way. This is built to be a life-long journey, don’t get caught up in the little things.

Now I’m not perfect and have missed some things on this list from time to time, but following them makes a BIG difference.

Which one(s) are you struggling with?

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Jon Vlahogiannakos, Owner of Strong Jon Fitness.

I am Jon Vlahogiannakos, Owner of Strong Jon Fitness. Whatever you’ve tried to get in great shape – I’ve been there.

I was that overweight kid growing up. That didn’t get any better going into high school. I gained up to 40lbs at a time and ended up losing it all and more to where I was skinny fat.

My dreams were to make it into a level of professional hockey somewhere, but as fate would have it, I was not good enough. It did help me shift gears and find my true passion and calling – health and fitness.

After years of trial and error, the birth of my son, injuries, and weight loss success – I can honestly say I have been where you are and I can help you get past it. I’ve made mistakes so that you don’t have to.

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