3 Things You Must Know About The Freedom Convoy Protest Before Judging


Our mission is to inform about the Freedom Convoy protest; not to judge or take sides.

Change is messy. Before diving into this article, I want you all to stop and close your eye for one brief moment. Think about the last time that you moved to a new city or to a new apartment. This process is messy, chaotic, and never pleasant. Why?

The reason of this discomfort is that we need to move things that don’t use; go through the uncomfortable feeling brought up when finding thing that we cling upon and that we never used or needed; The feeling of guilt over that treadmill that we never even plugged in once, and the consequent muffin top belly that is still there bulging over our belt and that our thick hoodie cannot hide; the feeling of being lost when you don’t know what to do because there is too much to do, and our neighbors being pissed because of the racked noise going of for days.

But all of this is necessary. Please bear with me. Governments do not reply to any of the citizen’s requests, never! The endless and empty promises are swiftly forgotten the moment the elections are over, no matter winner or loser, left or right. Please try to have an open mind and think what happened when they closed restaurants, shops, transportation, churches, theatres, malls, everything in between. We’ve seen protests worldwide, but nothing changed. Mainstream news agencies ridiculed all of them, and reprimanded firmly their actions (everyone remembers the protests, gatherings, even the bikers event).

So what can be done?

“Nothing” would be the preferred choice of politicians and others that do not understand what is going on. 

“Anything” is the only real choice to be heard and the last hope for change. But this choice is messy, unpopular, and extremely uncomfortable. When we hear the phrase “we are all in this together”, that makes me heave in disgust, because we are not in this together. The true phrase is that we are divided in this together.

After over two years of politicians lying to us, making bad decisions that affected us all while still taking more than their pockets can possibly haul, we need some discomfort, we need to change, we need some heroes that will stop at nothing to eradicate the cancerous politicians that cowardly hide in their luxurious cottages, too scared do get in front of a camera to listen to what Canadians have to say, and to help Canadian in need.

The dust lifted from the Freedom Convoy is a peaceful protest that forced the politicians to step down from their pedestal to start doing their job. Whether anti-vax or pro-vax there is something that needs to unite us all, and it’s that politicians are not our kings, they do not own us; politicians are our servants, they work for the Canadian people, and when people are in discomfort it’s their duty to listen and fix the damn problem. If this is too hard, too difficult, then they must leave. 

Politicians—or better our servants—should do their job, like all of us do. They need to respond to the questions that the Canadian citizens have without eluding answers, nor dismissing any problem that the Canadian people have. Canadian’s needs must come before any politician’s desire, even though they tell you differently.

The 1st thing you need to know is that mainstream news agencies are lying.

As much as you think you know that mainstream news agencies are lying, you truly don’t have a clue…trust me on this. 

In this video, we have the Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino tells CBC chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton that the federal government is working with local authorities and that he’s been ‘very troubled’ by the reports from Ottawa residents of harassment and disruptions due to ongoing protests; but in the interview, he states that the Freedom Convoy caused RAPE. Yes, you read correctly, RAPE. Which obviously is not true!

And again and again, we see these statements that are given with such indifference. Pinning to the Freedom Convoy such an infamous crime is a lame attempt to distract from the true struggle that the trucking community has been enduring for two years. Marco Mendocino is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, even though we can all agree that he is a dysfunctional “tool” and should be sued by all truckers for this outrageous comment.

In a just world, Rosemary Barton as a chief political correspondent would have been reprimanded for doing such a poor job, and Marco Mendicino should resign with shame. Shouting on National television such unverified information (there are no investigations, but merely complaints from the residents as mentioned in the pull quote below), is unbecoming from a Minister of Public Safety.

This is one example of fake news inundating our screens and manipulating our point of view.

Mendicino - Freedom Convoy Truck Protest - Rape - CBC Fake News

The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) issued a statement Sunday, demanding city leadership take “concrete action to end violence downtown.” 

“Make no mistake, the hate mob occupying the downtown core is violent. As a coalition representing community-based organizations dedicated to ending violence against women and gender-based violence, the hateful messaging, intimidation, and racism currently taking place in our streets is what our member agencies address daily,” the statement reads. “We have heard of accounts of young women being followed, almost run over, and threatened with rape. It comes as no surprise that those embracing racist, homophobic, and transphobic values also openly demonstrate their hatred towards women.”

Click here for the full article on CTV News

The 2nd thing you need to do is make up own research.

We all have our “trusted” news sources. The main problem is can we trust those sources? We doubt that mainstream news can be trusted—like Russel Brand time and time again discovered and revealed to his followers—that is why we need to do our own research.

Watch videos and make up your mind. Look at the fact and do your best to extrapolate the rubbish, personal agenda, and commentary that have nothing to do with the true story.

Find the same story on other sites, and try to add more pieces to the puzzle. I understand that this is a tasking process, but we cannot rely on Mark Zuckerberg’s integrity [please insert vomit emoji here], as we cannot rely on being spoon-fed information without being brainwashed by the conglomerate that holds the mentioned spoon, shoving all sort of garbage down your throat.

The 3rd thing you need to do is understand and use your empathy.

We are all frustrated by noise, chaos, disorder. We are so fed up with all the nonsense that has been going on for the last 2 years that we cannot even tolerate our own shadow. 

We feel entitled to scream at others, to destroy private property, to never be accountable for our actions, up to the point it doesn’t touch us personally…because there is where we feel that this means crossing the line.

This protest is not only about the vaccines mandates, it is not about the restrictions and passports, this is the result of poor government, poor leadership, this is the result of cowards in suits and ties deciding of our livelihood while their pockets get heavier, while their properties get larger, over the meagre life left to the Canadians as crumbs.

The Freedom Convoy protest is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. While this discomfort has been going on for 10 days so far, we all have been enduring a life of restraints, stolen freedom, pain and sorrow that we need to get back. 

To all the citizens that are in distress I can guarantee that this will soon end, and that if there will be any change at all, we will all benefit thanks to the Freedom Convoy and the few brave that held the line when the police took away their fuel; when “deaf” politicians were cowardly hiding in the warmth of their cabin, and when even you fellow Canadian were against them.

It’s time to clean up, it’s time that we have a true leader, it’s time to unite all Canadians as one.

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