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Our Story. The Official Gravity Disc™️

Tight for gifts we stumbled upon Gravity Disc™️ this December. We found ourselves playing in a parking lot for hours and in the freezing cold. How can a tiny disk be so much fun!

Live life. Have fun. Play more. 

“The true object of all human life is play.”
—G. K. Chesterton.

If you are wondering how the world’s best mini frisbee came to be, look no further.

The founding of the Official Gravity Disc™️ started with humble beginnings and a simple idea. To bring more fun to the lives of people all over the world.

We’ve always been firm believers in living life to the fullest, having fun, and connecting with each other on a “real human” level. 

In order to make this dream a reality, we needed to come up with a cool, new, unique product. We knew it had to be something nobody had ever seen before. Something fresh to the market that could enrich the lives of people looking to live their best life.

We got to work with no real clue about starting a legitimate online frisbee e-commerce business. After months of creative design, countless hours innovating, testing, and failing over and over again, we finally had our breakthrough.

We ran it at first as a side business figuring out things like e-commerce, product design, customer service, shipping, accounting, and more. University degrees in Kinesiology and Finance didn’t really prepare us for running a massively popular online toy business like this. 

Gravity Disc™️ Collection - Live life. Have fun. Play more - INSPADES NEWS

In 2019, we created The Gravity Disc™️ small frisbee toy to remind people of the importance of play. We went into it knowing this would be no easy task. The only thing we truly knew is that people absolutely loved our product.

We would come home from our full-time day jobs and put in as many hours as we physically could. Consistency, focus, and discipline was key. 

We officially launched our Official Gravity Disc™️ website in late 2019. Empowered by our early adopters in the Ultimate frisbee sport, our unique outdoor toy quickly gained momentum globally on social media. 

That was when our vision first began coming to life. Having fun happens naturally while playing with friends and family, making it no surprise why people fall in love with our unique best-selling frisbee toy.

Fast forward to now, and here we are with tens of thousands of happy customers from all around the world. Our small pocket frisbee is most popular in countries like France, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom; however, we do ship to many more satisfied customers in nearly every other country. 

We understand one thing about succeeding in online business. You MUST truly love what you do in order to be the best. Our drive for customer satisfaction and innovation, alongside an ever-growing passion to share our unique product with as many of you as possible, is what keeps us at the top.

Our goal is to inspire you to action. To bring out the child in all of us that craves spontaneous fun in never before played locations. 

When we look down at a Gravity Disc™️ frisbee, we see a simple reminder of how important playing, having fun, and enjoying the present moment is in life. 

We like to look at life as a game. A game worth playing, loving, and “swingin’ at everything.” Haha, inside joke.

We’re so grateful to share our product with you and believe everyone should try throwing a Gravity Disc™️ at least once in their life. 

Our mission and end goal are simple. To share our new outdoor recreation toy with 25 million of you, with total customer happiness and satisfaction. We can’t thank you all enough for getting us closer to our goal each and every day.

THANK YOU for taking the time to hear our story, and we truly hope you resonate with our mission. If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, or concerns please let us know. We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve and innovate in our business to better serve people just like you.

And don’t forget…Live life. Have fun. Play more.

Team Gravity Disc™️

Gravity Disc™️ Collection - Live life. Have fun. Play more - INSPADES NEWS

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