Greenpeace Canada Statement on Quebec’s Bill 21


MONTREAL – Greenpeace Canada stands strong in opposition to Quebec’s Bill 21, as well as to the most recent statements and actions of Premier Legault in upholding this legislation and its consequences. Quebec’s Bill 21 is discriminatory and is a direct attack on Canadians’ religious freedoms and the freedom of expression because it excludes members of certain religious groups from participating in a range of important public institutions in Quebec. It, therefore, prevents these institutions from being a true reflection of the communities they are meant to serve. 

Freedom of expression is a foundational principle of our constitutional democracy and no one should ever be forced to decide between their religious identity and their profession. As Canadians, we must be united to confront all forms of racism and bigotry including Islamophobia and xenophobia and that’s why Greenpeace Canada stands in strong opposition to this law.

Bill 21, introduced last Thursday, would prohibit public sector workers deemed to be in positions of authority, including school teachers and police officers, from wearing religious symbols on the job
Bill 21, introduced last Thursday, would prohibit public sector workers deemed to be in positions of authority, including school teachers and police officers, from wearing religious symbols on the job

Farrah Khan Greenpeace Canada’s deputy director said:

“Bill 21 is grounded in white supremacist ideology and is a blatant xenophobic attack against Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, and Christians who choose to express their identities. It is designed to target already minoritized communities, and thereby deepens divisiveness within Quebec and contributes to growing hate and violence against racialized communities. This appears to represent a broader strategy of  Premier Legault to deny the existence of systemic racism, and to ensure that those who are different from the dominant culture do not belong in Quebec society.” 

For more information, please contact:

Marie-Christine Fiset, Head of Media, Greenpeace Canada

About the author

Marie-Christine Fiset

Marie-Christine is the Head of Media with Greenpeace Canada. Based in the Montreal office, she racks her brain every day to publicize Greenpeace’s campaigns, but above all to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of protecting our environment. Passionate about words, books, snack time, chai tea and yoga, she also aspires one day to play a musical instrument … any really! Feel free to follow her on Twitter @MarieCFiset

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Marie-Christine Fiset

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People hold up signs during a demonstration in Montreal, Sunday, April 7, 2019, in opposition to the Quebec government's newly tabled Bill 21. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

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