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Greenpeace. Whatever taking action looks like to you—from signing a petition, to downloading a toolkit or attending a peaceful protest—together they're all a vital part of creating the green and peaceful future we all need. To change the world, it's going to take all of us having the courage to stand up for what we know is right. Begin that journey today.

Things you can do right now

We act with hope and determination. We take on the impossible. We are everyday people connected around the world, embarking on a billion acts of courage. Join us today.

Canadian Banks: Stop funding fossil fuel colonialism & the climate crisis

Canada’s banks must be held accountable for their role in violating Indigenous rights and their contribution to climate change.

Defend old-growth forests

Tell B.C’s Premier John Horgan to stop the destruction One of Canada’s natural treasures could disappear in 5 to 10 years if we don’t act now. Tell B.C.’s Premier John Horgan to keep his promises and protect what’s left of old-growth forests immediately!

It’s time for coffee giants to go plastic-free

Multinational coffee chain Starbucks announced that it wouldn’t allow reusable cups in its shops until further notice. Yet health experts from all around the world agree that reusables are safe to use during the pandemic provided basic hygiene protocols are followed. Tell Starbucks it’s time to go plastic-free!

Stop glyphosate from killing forests

Every summer aerial glyphosate spraying transforms biodiverse forests into almost-monocultures in Northern Ontario for industry profits. This practice poisons ecosystems, First Nations, and local communities. We must push Premier Doug Ford to ban glyphosate usage in forests now. Quebec banned all herbicides for forestry in 2001, and Ontario could easily follow and set the example for other Canadian provinces.

Help defend the Amazon

Fires are threatening the largest rainforest on Earth, clearing land for cattle to feed the international demand for cheap beef. Tell the Canadian government to not be complicit in Amazon destruction!

Halt the trade deal with Indonesia

Palm oil from rainforest destruction threatens our climate, communities and wildlife around the world. Tell the federal government to halt the trade deal with Indonesia and shut the door to dirty palm oil!

Get involved

Everyone has the power to win campaigns and to create a more just, fair and sustainable world. There are lots of ways to take action. 

Join the movement!

Greenpeace volunteers represent the organization in almost 200 regions worldwide, and add power to every step Greenpeace takes! Together we spread awareness, bear witness and take action to put an end to the attacks on our planet and its people.

Everyone has the power to help create a more just, fair, and sustainable world. There are many ways that you can help, including participating in our campaign projects, coming out to meetings or events, getting trained to participate in actions, and even organizing your own activities or fundraisers. 

If you want to build a better world, here’s a good place to start ..

Ask World's Top Plastic Polluters to break free from plastic

Big corporations must do their part Coca-Cola, Nestlé and PepsiCo... Let’s turn the tide on plastic pollution by calling on these three giant corporations to move away from single-use plastic and invest in refill and reuse!

Protect the Oceans

What if we treated our oceans like they matter? The seas provide half of our oxygen, food for a billion people, and a home for some of the most spectacular wildlife on Earth. But the impacts of climate change, pollution and destructive industries mean they’re in more danger than ever. We urgently need to turn things around. Scientists have a new rescue plan for our oceans, and it’s up to all of us to make it happen.

More Art to inspire.

Chiara Magni | Art Critic for INSPADES Magazine | All rights reserved to ©Chiara Magni Artist

Pointing Fingers at Modern Impressionism

“I like to be really in touch with the oil paint, and I adore feeling it under my fingers–I can control it bett er, and I feel a part of the whole painting, as though not only a piece of my soul is left on the canvas but of my DNA as well.” — Chiara Magni

Linda Carone Is A Vintage Jazz And Blues Vocalist Lemon Twist

Linda Carone with a “Twist”

Linda Carone is a jazz and blues vocalist, a niche song stylist and interpreter of now-vintage, then popular, music from the 1920’s, 30’s and beyond.

Alyssa Rose Hunt 01 - Photographed by Michael AuCoin

Everyone Loves Alyssa Rose Hunt

Alyssa Rose Hunt. No career is easy in this day and age, nevertheless being an artist, dancer, photographer, actress, singer, or all the above for that matter. All creative thinkers have the toughest path in life; never supported by governments; in a constant struggle to make ends meet, and having to fight against the opinions of the public, whilst simultaneously having to deal with our very own hyper-criticizing emotions.

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