Ozzy’s teeth-sinking delight success story

A juicy story of success.

When the burger craving comes, it’s that particular moment when hunger is kicking in and the need for a fast mouth-watering meal is needed to satisfy our rumbling stomach; but also that easy hassle-free dish that eliminates cooking and cleaning.

We are all passionate about good food. When it comes down to the burger, well, there is something special about a double patty encased in a soft and tasty bun all held together by a layer of melting cheese and sauces.

This is not simply an ode to a fast-food meal but in a way a celebration of who made a living out of it; while bringing the burger to a whole new “High Level”

Ozgur Sekar (Ozzy) came to Canada in 2015, and I had the honour to have met him before he opened his very first burger joint.

Ozzy's Burger

Our very first conversation started in 2014, while Ozzy was on the other side of a kitchen window, ready to take my order. At that time he was a chef, learning and testing new combinations with clients like me, that willingly submitted to his culinary experiments.

Before diving into the daily chitchat—with an infectious smile— he would ask: “what can I get you brother?” and my reply would always be the same “make me something special.” The follow-up question would be “how spicy?” and our routine would continue with my reply “very spicy.”

Minutes later, I would be sinking my teeth in the juiciest handcrafted burger I ever tasted. A masterpiece of flavours every time different, and never to disappoint my taste buds.

Ozzy's Burgers Jason Momoa

Ozzy today has three different venues, ready to make your jaws drop with its gourmet skyscraper burgers flooded with custom-made sauces, fresh handmade patties with triple A Canadian beef, fries and shakes, all made from scratch right in house.

It’s empowering to see how from a humble beginning, Ozzy brought his dream to life. No matter the hardship and during a worldwide pandemic, Ozzy continues to shine, smile, and expand his high-level cuisine. His success seems effortlessly achieved, while I’m sure that his spirit has been tested times and times again, without ever giving in. His story continues to amaze me and it’s my go-to joint when I’m craving what I can easily say one of the best burgers I’ve ever sunk my teeth in…even Aquaman couldn’t resist the temptation!


Buon appetito.

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