The Best Way to Control Your Metabolism

Hint: it’s not a supplement. @Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Whenever you read headlines about metabolism, I’m sure you’re thinking about specific types of foods, how many meals per day you need to eat, what supplements to take, or even what type of workouts you should be doing. I am here to tell you that none of that really matters in controlling, and ultimately increasing your metabolism so you can burn more body fat.

First, let’s dive into what actually makes up your metabolism. Your metabolism is made up of 4 main parts. And they look like this:

Resting Metabolic Rate/RMR (60%)

The number of calories your body needs to maintain normal body functions (breathing, heart pumping, basically living). Age, caloric intake and body mass are factors that affect RMR.

Thermic Effect of Food/TEF (5-10%)

The amount of energy it takes for your body to burn the food you eat.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis/NEAT (15-25%)

This accounts for any activity you do that is not purposeful exercise. This includes walking, cutting the grass, fidgeting, standing for work. The leanest individuals generally have an increase in NEAT because they are always moving.

Photo by Andrej Klintsy from Pexels
Exercise/EAT (5%)

Purposeful exercise to increase your body’s ability to burn calories. The amount of energy needed is determined by the intensity, duration & frequency of the exercise.

Now, here’s where there is some confusion. A ton of people were taught that more meals will help “stoke their metabolism” but as you can see, TEF only makes up 5-10% of it all.

You’ve probably been told that certain workouts will help boost your metabolism, but again, it only makes up 5% of your total calories burned each day.

NEAT can actually make up over a quarter of your body’s energy expenditure. What does this mean? It means that 1 hour you spend in the gym might not be enough.

If you drive to work and sit at a desk, it’s likely your NEAT is low. If you transit and have a relatively active job, your NEAT is higher. The higher the neat, the higher the metabolism, and the more you can eat.

Controlling your NEAT is going to be incredibly important as you continue to lose body fat. You’re not likely going to want to keep cutting calories, but instead, you can increase your overall activity level to keep your metabolism high.

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Jon Vlahogiannakos, Owner of Strong Jon Fitness.

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