These Were The Jobs That Defied The Economic Downturn Brought By The Pandemic

Today, we will show you some of the most pandemic-proof professions to try during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 situation led to a drastic economic catastrophe across the globe. Many companies had to stop working and lay off their employees because they could not continue with their activities. This increased the unemployment rate significantly. However, others were not going to let the situation defeat them, so they started working on resilient jobs. 

Today, we will show you some of the most pandemic-proof professions to try during the pandemic. 


Freelancers or gig employees work on a per-project basis. They’re hired to deliver a particular project without being part of the company’s payroll. They’re not part of the company in any way. 

Freelancers could continue working despite the pandemic because their jobs usually allow them to work from home. Freelancers work in different areas such as video editing, web design, image editing, web development, digital marketing, or mobile development.

Although freelancers’ salary isn’t that high, it still helps them cope with the Covid-19 situation. According to Payoneer, their average salary is $39,000. Many people who were unemployed during the coronavirus outbreak started working as freelancers. 

Delivery Jobs

Delivery jobs were also very in-demand during the pandemic. Since e-commerce sales grew, the demand for delivery services increased. People were ordering food, supplies, and even pharmacy items to their homes. 

People were now concerned that delivery employees would be exposed to the virus, but companies started to implement Covid-proof measures to protect their workers. They wouldn’t have any type of contact with the clients. Instead, they’d just leave the product at their front doors. 

In the future, we might continue to use delivery services with the same regularity as we do now since e-commerce purchases are only going up. Most experts believe that online shopping will be even more common in the future.

These Were The Jobs That Defied The Economic Downturn Brought By The Pandemic pexels samson katt

Web and Software Developers

The retail industry had to rely on e-commerce to survive the pandemic’s economic disaster. Therefore, the demand for web and software developers increased. Most of these professionals worked as freelancers and ended up in a full-time position because they had to maintain the website. 

It’s also important to mention that the telemedicine industry also grew up during the pandemic. It was the best way to receive immediate prescriptions and diagnosis to avoid exposure to the virus at healthcare institutions. 

Digital Marketers

The only way to get visibility nowadays is through social media. Therefore digital marketing has increased its demand in the job market. Digital marketers work with social media management, content strategies, content creation, and SEO practices. This last part has become a crucial aspect of digital marketing these days. Besides, digital marketers also work with online customer service. 

During the pandemic, companies still had to promote their products and services to get visibility and continue with their business. Digital marketers also form part of the tech community that was already working from home before the pandemic started.

Financial Specialists

There are two groups of people who needed financial services during Covid-19: those who lost their jobs and those who owned a company. Financial planners and financial advisors were there to help unemployed people to get back on track with their finances. Accountants and wealth managers were also some of the in-demand financial specialists during the pandemic. They helped them find a feasible plan to save and make money during quarantine. 

Besides, business owners also were hiring or already working with financial specialists to maintain their business afloat, especially those who suffered from economic damage due to Covid-19. 


Although the pandemic caused massive damage to the global economy, some professionals could keep up with their jobs despite the situation. Resilience might be the most relevant soft skill to help us thrive in these types of situations. It’s important to embrace it as well as innovation and logical thinking. 

During the pandemic, we could see that workers like financial specialists, digital marketers, freelancers, and developers could continue working from home. It’s important to mention that many people started to reinvent themselves and learn new skills to become pandemic-proof.

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