Simplicity and power combined in one App: WALTR PRO


WALTR PRO We strive for power, while we are not fond of complexities. Technology needs to be simple and serve our needs, and not create huge learning curves slowing down our productivity.

Whether you are a content creator or a simple user, we all fall into the rabbit hole of unorganized folders, where all is chaos, and finding a video, a photo, or a song becomes a frustrating scavenge hunt bringing us to the brink of microwaving our phone, while a satanic giggle of satisfaction grows on our face while the defiant device sizzles and sparks before exploding to its death.

While I’m sure that this might seem too extreme for many, it’s a constant problem if you are a content creator, if you like to take videos, listen to music, take photos, or have documents that you need to have handy the moment that you need them.

After long research, we looked at WALTR PRO and we tested it to see if it could fit our workflow, and guess what? It did the job!

Created by Softorino, the small and young indie team made simplicity, fluidity, and UI their outstanding trait. With a zero-learning curve approach, organizing, moving, editing, categorizing, and syncing across all devices is now possible and in one App. That is what we love about it.

But what is WALTR PRO? A wireless data transfer with the ability to seamlessly transfer files with a drag and drop interface; is an invaluable tool for saving time when data management is key. Connect to your home computer to have access to all your files, drag and drop. That’s it. WALTR PRO breaks all barriers between your files and your Apple devices.

The engines under the hood are ACR 2 (Automatic Content Recognition) which fills all missing metadata; UCB 2 (Universal Connection Bridge) which enables the connection between all devices; SAC 2 (Smart Adaptive Conversion) which converts all files to a readable version across all devices with lossless quality.

The possibility to edit the metadata is fundamental for creators that have multiple files and need to control, add, and edit, fields like the title; date; description; genre; and much more is essential the more iPhone becomes a tool to create, capture, and inspire. A load of files created would be lost without the possibility to integrate more info per each file.

The push functionality is a key feature when you need certain files to be opened with a specific app, to trigger this option, it’s as easy as to hold the option key down when dragging and dropping the file. This is simplicity at its apex.

The possibility to save the files on the local hard drive or in the cloud is another incredible feature that is worth noticing. When dealing with thousands of files, it’s great to have the option to decide where certain files belong.

Softorino has been working tirelessly to improve WALTER PRO and the leaps and bounds from the previous versions are jaw-dropping.

List of WALTR PRO functionalities

  • Import files from your computer or any nearby devices drag, drop, and play all on the WALTR PRO window and they are transferred to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  • Manage your files with metadata editing: users can edit the artwork and metadata of their files before transfer
  • Save files to apps that fit them more
  • Smart file conversion: automatic conversion of audio and video files to formats supported by Apple’s native apps
  • Access & share files with friends via iMessage in a few taps
  • Preview & listen to music
  • Effortlessly move images transferred from WALTR PRO on the computer to the Photos app on iOS
  • Transfer to third-party apps: users drag files onto the WALTR PRO window, and WALTR PRO displays which apps can open those files, then transfer them to the selected app
Pricing & Availability

WALTR PRO for Mac & Windows includes a 24 hours trial with file transfer limitations. The full version of WALTR PRO is available for $30 as a yearly subscription or $60 for a one-time purchase. If eligible, existing users can upgrade to WALTR PRO at 50% off directly from the Softorino online store.

System Requirements

WALTR PRO requires macOS 10.13 & above / Windows 7 or above. All Apple mobile devices are supported starting from iOS 5 including every single non-iOS iPod ever created.

Supported Formats Enabling Native Playback

Video formats: MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, m2ts, 3GP, WMV, H264, H265…


CUE sheet support (automatic breakdown of a single file into multiple tracks)

M4R Ringtones (includes support for ringtones over 30 sec long)

All other formats: any file is supported but requires a compatible 3rd party iOS app installed to use.


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