More than a title, more than a tagline, more than news, more than a magazine…a way of life to empower creativity!

This is why we created INSPADES Magazine and INSPADES NEWS, because we believe that our eternal struggle and love for creating art has to be shown with love and passion. On our pages, artists of all genres, find space to express themselves in a community that reads, engages, follows, loves, shares and above all empowers your creativity.

We reach millions of creative minds with their Instagram pages, and they are the heart of a wonderful community that strives to showcase your art. After years of cultivating their pages they have managed to surround themselves with the most talented moderators and journalists on the web. These extremely talented artists, journalists, and moderators spend countless hours each day selecting, writing, sharing, and tagging artists on the wonderful pages of INSPADES Magazine, and keeping you informed on INSPADES.NEWS.

INSPADES Magazine layout - INSPADES Magazine layout –

Creative Spades is the core of the creative team for INSPADES Magazine and INSPADES NEWS, and at its wheel is Sergio D. Spadavecchia, creative director and professional photographer with decades of captaining the best magazine and advertising companies. Seeing an unacceptable canyon between amazing creators and their ability to be seen, he decided that was this moment to create a new opportunity. With the editor in chief and second in command, Jaclyn Truss, to help steer the content and project in the right the direction, the two embarked to create a unique stage for these incredible artists.

With their dedicated and talented team spanning Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia, we break all barriers, everyone collaborating to bring to life the special vision of INSPADES Magazine and INSPADES NEWS and to showcase how special each and one of you truly are!

INSPADES Magazine layout - INSPADES Magazine layout –

In our introductory issue we present artists and moderators from all over the world. These moderators are your doorway to INSPADES Magazine, check out our pages, because if you have amazing content they will be checking you out, and you want to be ready when they ask you to contribute!

This is who we are and we are inviting you to join us, to become the best that you can be! Inviting you to do it #INSPADES.