Working remotely? How to optimize your setup

Though social distancing has been in place for months now, perfecting our work-from-home setup continues to be a challenge for many of us. Here are a few surprising ways that you can streamline your routine using your mobile phone from anywhere:
  1. Consider dark mode. Need to give your eyes a break? While blue light blocking glasses can help, another option is to give your eyes a rest by catching up on email from your phone using dark mode, which will help alleviate strain as you read.
  2. Get a stand. Using your smartphone for conference calls can help add flexibility if you’re having to move rooms to accommodate other family members’ schedules. That said, the quickly draining battery and constant holding can be a pain. Look for a phone stand that has a built-in charger so battery life doesn’t slow you down and you can dial in hands free.
  1. Wi-Fi vs data. With home now acting as everything from the boardroom to the movie theatre, it’s worth assessing your internet plan to ensure you get good download speeds and a reliable signal. But Wi-Fi is only half the equation. Connect with an unbiased mobile expert like those at The Mobile Shop virtually or in store to make sure your mobile plan is working optimally for you right now. If you have internet issues, you may want to consider an unlimited data mobile plan, so you don’t get dropped from conference calls.
  2. Use alarms and reminders. Have you dialed in late to a virtual meeting since working from your home office? Set up reminders and alarms on your phone to add extra security for important meetings and mix in reminders to walk the dog or check in with the kids while you’re at it. Our routine has changed, we can all use an extra nudge or two. 
  3. Create space. Whether we’re at home or out of the house during the day, many of us need constant access to our mobile devices, so juggling the needs of family members who may need to get connected for at-home learning can be tough. Accessories like noise-cancelling headphones and phone stands can be game-changers if you’re not able to spread out. —NC

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